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What is PDOK and how to access PDOK?

PDOK enables users to access digital geographical data via official PDOK webservices.

About 250 web services (aimed at digital mapping) are available to the general public, private companies, organisations and the public sector.

The use of PDOK is for free. This website explains how to use PDOK products and services. Not all parts of this website are fully up-to-date.

PDOK Viewer

PDOK Viewer Banner

The PDOK Viewer demonstrates PDOK services.

National Georegister

Nationaal Georegister Banner

Search the Metadata in the National Georegister directly.

PDOK Kaart

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Create your own map directly with the PDOK Kaart Wizard.


133 datasets

6,3 miljard hits in 2017      4,4 miljard hits in 2016              2,1 miljard hits in 2015

450 organisaties PDOK Basis