Publieke Dienstverlening Op de Kaart

PDOK Products

PDOK unlocks digital spatial data from the government. This unlocking is done through a central facility: the PDOK Loket. The data is available as a web service or as a downloadable file. In the PDOK Loket you can also find an alternative to Google Maps: PDOK Kaart. You can use this map for your own website with the advantage that it is free of charge and free of advertisements.


Where necessary PDOK ensures that the services and files comply with the INSPIRE directive on improving the exchange of spatial data in Europe. PDOK also manages the National PDOK Georegister. This online catalogue contains more than 5000 links to Dutch spatial datasets including about 900 web services from different providers.

Open data

Almost all PDOK files and data services are available under an "open" license. This means that everyone is free to use the data in accordance to a Fair Use Policy (can be found in the Dutch document Products Services Catalog Buyers in the PDOK Library). For an overview of all free available PDOK services you can view the URL Overview. In some cases the access policy of the holders of the data source determine that the data is not accessible to everyone. More information on this and on the different service levels can be found under For Whom.