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National Georegister

The National Georegister is the catalogue of geodatasets in the Netherlands. For Europe, it is the gateway to the national INSPIRE data. PDOK manages this catalogue. Besides PDOK services you can find more than 5000 links to Dutch datasets, including over 900 web services.

Meta data

It is possible within the National Georegister to first search and subsequently filter the data by using meta data items. In many cases it is possible to directly view and load the geographic data with help of the register. It is also possible to use a search client in order to retrieve information from the central catalogue of the National Georegister.

For Whom

The National Georegister is aiming at the professional user. This may be a specialist searching for data sets, services or other geo-information elements. It may also be a Geo-IT specialist who is developing a website or an application and in need for geographic data.


The meta data elements in the National Georegister are compliant with the international INSPIRE standards and the Dutch profiles for meta data, catalogues- and geo-information exchange protocols. The data is being submitted by data providers throughout The Netherlands (Dutch public services, research establishments and companies).

National Georegister

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